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Raiders countdown to kickoff: 62 is Chris Casher, who wore it best?

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Happy Monday, everyone. We start the week marking 62 days until the Raiders kick off the 2017 season. After a day in which we had our first number without a player currently wearing it, we’re back with a profile of the man wearing number 62.

DE Chris Casher

Casher is one of those cases of supreme talent that was marred by several off field problems. Even as far back as high school, his off field issues threatened to trip up his football dreams. Due to eligibility concerns, he had to sit out his senior year of high school football, but was still considered one of the top recruits in the nation and headed to Florida State.

While at Florida State, he hung out with Jameis Winston and the two got in a good deal of trouble together. Ultimately, he was dropped from the program and ended up spending his final season of eligibility at Faulkner University.

The Raiders have taken late round fliers on player like Casher before. But due to a string of injuries along with the off field problems, he went undrafted. Even when healthy, he never played up to his potential as a five-star recruit.

Word is that he has matured from his years of beebee gun fights with Jameis Winston. It’s the injuries that forced him to have two knee surgeries in college that are far more concerning. If he can stay healthy, you never know whether he can turn things around. That’s why he’s here.

Who wore it best: NT Reggie Kinlaw (1979-84)

Back in the days when nose tackles were a bit lighter, the 6-2, 245-pound Kinlaw manned the middle of the Raiders defensive line. The Raiders chose him in the 12th round of the 1979 draft and he was the full time starting nose tackle for them for both of their Super Bowl wins in the 80s. He played a total of six seasons with the Raiders and went on to play two seasons in Seattle.