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After record extension Derek Carr re-paid 4-year debt of over $10K to his brother

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Monday, Derek Carr called into the Dan Patrick Show. Among the revelations, Carr said his largest expense so far was to repay a 4-year debt he has had with his brother David that exceeded $10,000.

“When we started our gym there was a small thing that we wanted to get and I said ‘you know what’ and I was just messing around, I hadn’t even been drafted yet, and I said ‘put it on me’ you know ‘put that on my tab’. We kept a running total and I never paid him for like four years. So, finally, he was like ‘Hey, man, remember that thing you said to put on your tab, your half of the gym? Yeah, it’s time to pay for that’, so I did.”

“It was over [$10K],” Carr said of the debt. “I won’t get into the details, but it was definitely over.”

Carr recently became the highest paid player in NFL history on a 5-year, $125 million extension. So, yeah, he can afford it now. His brother never saw money even close to that.

Carr went on to talk about how people think he’s richer right now than he really is. That after taxes it isn’t nearly as much and much of his money is backloaded on his deal. He joked that people think “'Man, you could, like buy an island,' and I'm like 'No, no I can't."