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Watch: Derek Carr says as 7th grader he threw a ball so hard he broke the finger of a college tight end

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It sounds like a tall tale, but Derek Carr said he tells it to anyone who asks him “Throw it to me as hard as you can”

Life’s a little different for an NFL quarterback. For instance, when Derek Carr goes to a family barbecue and a football game breaks out, they all stand and look at him expecting him to play quarterback.

Carr appeared on the Dan Patrick show on Monday and talked, among other things, about his new blockbuster contract and how life has been different since he signed it. But life has been different for Derek for a good long time.

Derek was just 12 years old when his brother David was the number one overall pick in the NFL draft. Even then Derek had his own aspirations of following in his brother’s footsteps as a flame-throwing NFL quarterback. When you have those aspirations, you get challenged to prove it.

Even today, people ask Carr “throw it as hard as you can”, and Derek’s response is to tell them this story.

“I was at my buddy’s house when I was in 7th grade and back then I could already throw the ball about 65-70 yards and this college tight end was at his house from the University of Houston. He said ‘Come on, I’ve played with college quarterbacks, throw it as hard as you can’, and I threw it at him and snapped his finger to the side and so quick he was screaming and running down the street.”

Carr said after he tells this story, people change their request to ‘maybe not as hard as you can.’”

Is that kinda like how a martial arts master must register his hands and feet as lethal weapons?