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NFL teams to receive $55M each from Raiders, Rams, Chargers relocation fees

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The relocation fees from the three NFL teams finding new homes will be spread out over the rest of the league's teams.

Even though NFL teams love to threaten their home city with relocation whenever they don't get what they want, to actually do so is often cost-prohibitive. Not only must the NFL team who wants to move find a suitable stadium in a new city to play in, they must also pay a hefty relocation fee to the other member teams of the league. As a result, teams seldom move from city to city, and even the ones that do rarely do so more than once.

But that has all changed recently with three California-based teams- the Rams, Chargers and Raiders- all seeking new environs to play their games. And all of them will have to pay out the nose to do so. This tweet from noted rotten bastard and shit-stirrer Darren Rovell spells out the bottom line:

The good news for the Raiders, at least financially, is that there are two other teams moving at the same time and the Raiders will be one of the recipients of that sweet, sweet Los Angeles relocation money being paid by both the Chargers and Rams. Neither the Rams nor the Chargers will receive any of each others' relocation money, but they will both get their share of the Raiders' $378M.

Perhaps the extra $55M each team is getting will enable them to lower parking fees or charge less than $8 for a Bud Light, like the Falcons are doing with their fan-friendly concessions prices at Robotic Butthole Stadium. Or maybe instead they will all commission giant statues of their owner with some endangered cats like the Carolina Panthers did.