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Raiders countdown to kickoff: 59 is Jon Condo, who wore it best?

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We are in the 50s now in our countdown. The season is so close you can smell it. Well, maybe not that close. You can see it off in the distance at least. If it makes the time seem less, we are now a month from the first preseason game. Wearing number 59 is a guy who’s seen a lot of preseason as well as regular season games with the Raiders.

LS Jon Condo

Condo has had the coolest name on the team for going on 11 seasons. If he had a nickname, it might be Coolhand Condo because of his steady hand at long snapper.

The one-time Pro Bowler was a college linebacker who has carved out a career as a long snapper. In Condo’s first season with the Raiders in 2007, punter Shane Lechler returned to the Pro Bowl after two years left off the team. Condo went to the Pro Bowl in 2009 the season both Lechler and Sebastian Janikowski on the team.

Just once were the Raiders forced to learn the hard way what life would be like without Condo. A few years back, he was knocked out of a game with a concussion and the team replaced him with reserve linebacker, Travis Goethel, and it cost them a game. Goethel was a fish out of water with errant snaps and a missed blocking assignment, resulting in a blocked punt.

This offseason Condo was headed for free agency. The team re-signed him to a one-year deal which suggests this may be his final season at the age of 36.

Who wore it best: LS Jon Condo (2007-present)

It’s not often you expect a long snapper to lay claim to a number, but there is no question he owns this number. No other Raiders player in history has worn the number 59 with close to the longevity and distinction as Condo.

It can't be overlooked the importance to the success of the kicker and punter having a long snapper with the skills Condo possesses not only in accurately snapping the ball, but blocking and in covering on returns.