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Marquette King makes hilarious discovery about Raiders teammate Kelechi Osemele you can’t unsee

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Raiders punter Marquette King is known for having a unique perspective on things. Today the always flamboyant 6-year NFLer noticed something about his teammate Kelechi Osemele that is...well, awesome — his head is kinda shaped like the state of Georgia.

King posted the picture of the state of Georgia next to a shot of Osemele to show the striking similarity in silhouette, with the Georgia born King adding “No wonder I feel at home when I’m around u! Luv u bro!”

It’s important to note that as the internet goes, it’s certainly possible this discovery was made by someone else and King merely passed it on. But without knowing otherwise, we must assume this was King’s eccentric mind at work.

Osemele joined the Raiders last offseason on a then record deal for a guard. The 6-5, 330-pounder made All Pro as the team’s mauling left guard, so hopefully for King’s sake, he has a sense of humor about it. At least more of a sense of humor than Bruce Irvin had when King mocked teammate Michael Crabtree earlier this offseason.