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Alex Smith is a good guy, helps elderly disabled Raiders fan

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With the bitter rivalries in sports fans typically would like to think players for the teams they ‘hate’ feel mutually about them. The truth is, most of these guys just play for a football team. They may get up for a game against a rival, but usually there’s no hate there and their passion typically doesn’t extend past the opposing players.

A lot of current and former NFL players took part in the AC Championship Golf tournament in Lake Tahoe this weekend. Former 49ers and current Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was among them. Early on Saturday, Smith was noticed making a small gesture for a fan of his rival Raiders.

Smith grew up in Southern California while the Raiders were in Los Angeles, so perhaps he has a soft spot in his heart for Raiders fans. Or perhaps it simply didn’t matter in the slightest what team the disabled man or his daughter rooted for and he’s just a good guy.