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Khalil Mack signs endorsement deal he was destined to sign

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Watch: Khalil Mack will be the new face of Mack Trucks.

It was always meant to be — Khalil Mack has signed an endorsement deal with Mack Trucks.

“Every time I’m on that field,” said Mack, “it’s just a part of my thought process that I’m like a Mack truck running through whoever’s in front of me.

Mack said the idea came from Golden State Warriors forward, Draymond Green.

“I got a text from Draymond Green out of the blue on day and he was like ‘Little bro, you gotta be trying to partner with Mack. You should’ve been on that.’ I text my guy and we try to put it to work.”

It was a clever nickname before. Now, for the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, it’s a reality. It’s destiny.

This isn’t Mack’s first product endorsement. He was also heavily featured in a pretty cool commercial for New Era recently along with several other NFL stars.

Who says defensive players aren’t marketable (I mean other than the NFLPA)?