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Member of OJ Simpson parole board wearing Chiefs tie

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Who knows what this means.

OJ Simpson is up for parole today after serving nearly nine years in jail stemming from his 2008 robbery conviction. Randomly a member of the parole board is wearing a Kansas City Chiefs tie. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?

Is he trying to send OJ a message? What message could that be? Why does he otherwise look like he’s at a funeral?

So many unanswered questions I fear we’ll never get an answer.

OJ played most of his career famously for the Buffalo Bills. Not a rival of the Chiefs. He appeared in just one postseason game and it was a loss to the Steelers.

OJ faced the Chiefs 5 times in his career in Buffalo. He went 2-3 in those meetings — losing his first three and winning his last two. Was this man in attendance at one of those games as a child and intends to exact revenge on The Juice?

It could be that the Raiders were in LA when OJ lived there and allegedly murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman?

Or maybe he just likes tacky ties.