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Tiger Woods shows off new Raiders pool table and billiard balls (Yes, even Raiders balls)

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Tiger Woods likes the Raiders. I mean, he really likes them. The Southern California (Orange County) native had the Raiders in Los Angeles throughout most of his childhood and teenage years. They moved there when he was 7-years old. The Raiders moved back to Oakland in 1994, within a year of Tiger attending Stanford right across the Bay. So, yeah, big fan.

Today he showed off his newly covered Raiders pool table, complete with Raiders billiard balls.

Here’s a closer look at those shots.

Tiger Woods new pool table.
Tiger Woods pool table with billiard balls

It would appear the cue ball has the NFL shield on it. That seems a bit symbolic considering the clashes the Raiders and the NFL have had over the years.

I would imagine there are a few Raiders fans out there that would love to have that little beauty.

These days Tiger makes his home in Florida, where he has been known to attend games when the Raiders are in his area.

But he will travel back to his old stomping grounds in the Bay Area. He has been known to attend a few Raiders games in Oakland as well and the occasional Stanford game.