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Big Smooth Route 66 T-shirt

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It’s about time the man who just got his big extension as one of the anchors on the Raiders’ offensive line gets a T-shirt of his own. Number 66 Gabe Jackson is a road grader, who opens up huge lanes for running backs.

Back in the glory days, Raiders backs would follow the lead of Gene Upshaw aka ‘Highway 63’ to paydirt. For the past three seasons, and at least the next six seasons in the future, the Raiders backs take a trip across The Nation behind ‘Big Smooth’ Gabe Jackson aka ‘Route 66’.

Usually Raiders gear is reserved for the big named offensive skill position players and pass rushers. That stops now. It’s time to recognize one of the big fellas who does the dirty work that helped the Raiders become the league’s 6th ranked rush offense last season while not giving up a single sack.

So, we present to you The Big Smooth ‘Route 66’ T-shirt. It comes silver on black (above) or black on sport grey

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