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Look: Raiders training camp field prepped and ready to go as rookies arrive in Napa

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Several players arrived in Napa today for the Raiders’ pre-camp warm-up which starts Monday. Mostly it will be rookies, first year players, and the quarterbacks. One rookie who made his arrival known is 7th round pick Jylan Ware.

With the players soon to begin camp practices, the field is ready to go, complete with tents and bleachers for when the fans arrive for the start of camp on July 29.

We have some exclusive images of the field all dolled up and ready for the Raiders to add their cleat divots.

There are two regulation football fields which the team utilizes each day of camp, alternating team sessions. In the foreground is covered bleachers. On each side to the left and right are the bleachers where the fans will sit when attending camp. Which bleachers they sit in depends on which field the team sessions happen that day.

On the other side of the field are more covered bleachers and covered a couple other other tents for miscellaneous purposes including media. Beyond that is the clubhouse with lifting equipment.