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Ranking the AFC West: Centers

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We wrap up the AFC West rankings on the offensive side of the ball with the Centers. The first guy to touch the ball on every play. Every player on the field plays ‘snaps’ which means nothing happens until the center says it does.

There are some pretty good centers in the AFC West this year. At least that’s the case for three of the division’s teams.

1. RaidersRodney Hudson

Starting Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson. Didn’t give up a sack and was a road grader in the middle of that dominant Raiders interior offensive line Rodney Hudson. Flawless execution and chemistry with Derek Carr in the Raiders resurgent offense Rodney Hudson.

2. ChiefsMitch Morse

The Chiefs really managed to land on their feet from Hudson leaving for Oakland as a free agent in 2015. They immediately used a second round pick on Morse to make him their next center and he has played quite well since day one. He started every game last season and, like Hudson, didn’t give up a sack.

3. BroncosMatt Paradis

Paradis was a shocking revelation for the Broncos. He was a sixth rounder in the 2015 draft and, like Morse, has started every game since the beginning. Pro Football Focus gave him their highest grade for a center last season. He also had surgeries on both of his hips this offseason and the hope is he will be ready for week one. Return to previous form from those surgeries and have another season like 2016 and I will be convinced last season was more than an anomaly.

4. ChargersSpencer Pulley


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