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Raiders gift for season ticket holders this year is...ironic

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Those Raiders fans who purchased season tickets for the upcoming season received their free gift from the organization. And it’s rather ironic.

The gift is a set of commemorative pins. It’s a set of five in which two stand out in particular — one that says ‘FAMILY’ and another that says ‘LOYALTY’. Here is a picture of those pins as posted by Raiders fan, Bandido on Twitter.

What makes the choice of wording on the pins seem ironic is the fact that the team will be leaving Oakland for a new stadium Las Vegas. These pins are a nod to those fans who showed ‘Loyalty’ by remaining part of the Raiders ‘Family’ even after the team announced they were relocating.

For those in the Bay Area, that ‘Family’ dynamic will be a little strained when the team does leave town. And if your mere presence at games isn’t enough to express your ‘Loyalty’, you now have a badge pin to wear to emphasize it. Even if it won’t be reciprocated.