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Raiders make corresponding move after official release of Austin Howard, Taiwan Jones

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The Raiders have made the releases of tackle Austin Howard and running back Taiwan Jones official. Those releases leave two roster spots open. In a corresponding move, they have filled one of those two spots by brining back long snapper Andrew East.

That’s a pretty hum drum move for those who were looking for something a bit more substantial such as adding a middle linebacker. But, it was necessary. Teams always need a couple long snappers just like they need a couple camp legs, and they released their backup long snapper Anthony Kukwa from this offseason a couple weeks ago.

East spent training camp with the Raiders last year. He’s most well known for being married to Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson. He did an Ask Me Anything last year that has some interesting answers in it.

Current long time long snapper Jon Condo is in the last year of his contract, so if East can continue to make a positive impression, he could set himself up for a job after this season. Who knows.