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Watch: Marshawn Lynch hilarious video bomb on NFL Network, says ‘shit’ twice, flirts with female host

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This is pretty much my favorite thing right now.

Have I mentioned I love Marshawn Lynch? He is truly the best. He dropped by the NFL Network live broadcast after practice today with no interest in participating in a normal interview. And it is phenomenal.

In the non-interview, he says ‘Shit’, prompting host and former Seahawks teammate Michael Robinson to tell him he can’t curse on TV. So, he does it again.

Robinson continues to try and make an actual interview out of it, but Lynch explains that he just came over to see his “dog... and his partner”, he said flirtatiously.

Colleen Wolfe is Robinson’s cohost and since she had Marshawn’s attention, she tried asking him a football question. Once again Beast Mode didn’t bite. So, she went for the personal angle, asking him about his recent venture into buying an East Bay soul food restaurant.

Marshawn responds saying “She’s all dippin’ in my business. Like a big mouth bass.” that’s where the two of them will go on their first date. Then he noticed the ring on her finger. Then he jokes that he will charge her and Robinson a little extra when they come to the restaurant.

What a personality.