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Watch: Marshawn Lynch enters charity soccer match in flip flops, goes Beast Mode, gets red card

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Only Beast Most can get ejected from a charity soccer match.

One thing about it, Marshawn Lynch is an entertaining cat. Sunday he appeared in a charity soccer match and gave the crowd quite a show as only he can.

Lynch entered the match to start the second half in flip flops and runs the center of the field. He runs toward goal and is passed the ball for what his teammates probably thought was a shot on goal. But Beast Mode doesn’t kick, he runs, so he picked up the ball, juked the goal keeper, and carried it into the net.

This, of course, prompted a red card from the official. Beast Mode then plucked the red card out of the official’s hand and threw it before booting the ball in the air, losing one of his flip flops in the process.

He then retrieved his flip flop and the red card and appeared to get the car autographed by former MLS player Steve Zakuani as a keepsake.

Oh, Beast Mode. Thank you for joining the Raiders so we can cover you on a daily basis.