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Raiders training camp day two wrap: Marquel Lee sees first team reps at ILB

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The team’s rookie fifth round pick has just moved up the depth chart.

It’s just day two and we already have a change in the depth chart. We knew that inside linebacker was an unsettled position and after day one Jack Del Rio reiterated that.

Prior to today, and throughout the offseason, rookie fifth round pick Marquel Lee was working with the second team while Cory James and Tyrell Adams saw first team reps. Today, Lee was playing with the first team for the first time.

It was Adams who dropped to second team reps while Lee played alongside James at the inside linebacker spots. It’s certainly possible there could be more shuffling going on as camp goes along, but you kinda got the feeling this move was coming eventually. It was more a matter of when it would happen.

“I feel like it’s mixed emotions,” Lee said on report day of his hopes for starting. “Of course I would love to get that starting position but I'm here to compete, I’m here to earn the spot just come in, compete, make myself better and make the team better.”

For Lee, this isn’t really his second day of camp. He took part in the pre-camp warmup last week — he has been in Napa for a week already — so he was able to come into camp and put his best foot forward. It seems to be paying off already.


  • Gareon Conley has taken the number 22. He was number 2 during the offseason practices, but that was never going to remain. DB’s aren’t allowed to have single digit numbers. The number 22 came available when the team released Taiwan Jones just prior to the start of camp.
  • Conley was present at practice, wearing his new number, but it was from the sideline as he remains on the PUP list with an undisclosed injury.
  • Newly re-acquired running back George Atkinson III is wearing number 45. He had worn number 34 in his last stop which was the inverted version of his father’s number (43). His dad’s actual number is worn by fellow running back, John Crockett.
  • Practice began with Marshawn Lynch breaking free on a big run up the right side, leading to a huge cheer from the crowd of fans in attendance. And it had the defense doing up-downs.
  • The day started out well for Sean Smith, who stayed with Michael Crabtree up the left sideline where he used his great length to make a leaping pass breakup.
  • A few plays later, the offense ran the same play with Amari Cooper and the result was very different. Coop tripped up Smith just enough to break wide open and Carr easily hit him in stride for the long score.
  • Coop made several plays on the day, later catching another pass on an in route on Smith and then one on Carrie on an out. Both timing routes in which Carr put the ball on time and on target.
  • Crabtree also got his, catching a pass up the right sideline for a score with David Amerson in tow.
  • Carr’s best pass was on a Crabtree cross from right to left in which David Amerson was all over him and yet Carr threaded the needle with Amerson just barely not able to get a hand on it, swiping down as the ball reached Crabtree’s arms. Good concentration on the catch too by Crabtree.
  • EJ Manuel continued to work with the second team and continued to impress. That included a perfect pass to a shallow crossing KJ Brent from right to left in which Brent didn’t break stride.
  • Manuel also continues to have chemistry with Cordarrelle Patterson. The two are roommates and were first round picks the same year, so they seem to be in the ideal situation to get the best out of each other.
  • Connor Cook continues to have his issues. Early on, he completely overthrew his target Keon Hatcher. Then after a good looking connection to Isaac Whitney, he went for Whitney again and had the ball intercepted by Kenneth Durden.
  • Pads come on tomorrow. That’s when things really start to get interesting.