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Let’s get it on: Raiders first padded training camp practice is today

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It’s on now. That is pads are on now. It’s the day many defensive players have been longing for. They’ve been itching to clap pads since last season. After all, you don’t usually become a defender if you don’t like to hit.

Practice gets a lot more interesting with pads. Up until now it could be used as an excuse for just about anything.

My personal favorite part is blocking and pass rushing drills. Those begin when pads go on and it’s always a good competition. That includes running backs, tight ends, offensive linemen, defensive linemen, and linebackers.

Skill position players work a little bit differently when they aren’t just running around in shells too. The quarterbacks and specialists still can’t be touched (except for Marquette King who opts not to wear the red no-contact jersey).

The first couple days are just easing back into things. Today, shit gets real.