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Reggie McKenzie: “I’m excited for Gareon [Conley] and the Raiders” that no charges brought in sexual assault case

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The grand jury in Ohio took just a few hours to come to the conclusion that no charges would be brought on Gareon Conley for the allegations of sexual assault. This is a big deal for obvious reasons, but also a bid deal considering how little evidence is often necessary in cases that go to grand jury. It shows how little there was to go on in this case.

Reggie McKenzie spoke after the news came down.

“I’m excited for Gareon,” said McKenzie. “It’s tough on a young man like that to go through this. I’m excited for Gareon and the Raiders. For the process to work. We’re excited and then we’ll move forward.”

“We just trusted our process, really,” McKenzie continued. “I don’t want to get into details about who, what and all that, but we just felt good going into it with all the information that we gathered it would come out this way and I’m just glad it worked out.”

Though it’s a huge weight off of Conley’s shoulders, he is currently rehabbing an injury and has not practiced in camp yet.