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Update: Raiders Jihad Ward had foot surgery, expected to miss part of training camp

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Some light shed on Jihad Ward’s absence from minicamp.

Throughout Raiders OTA’s this offseason, Jihad Ward was on the field with his teammates. Come the minicamp, he was nowhere to be seen.

The team doesn’t comment on injuries in the offseason, so in most cases no one asks. The assumption is that they are a little banged up and in the offseason, there’s no reason to push it and risk a worse injury.

The last OTA practice was the week of June 6 and that was the last time Ward was seen on the field. Not long after that, he posted pictures on his snapchat account showing him in a hospital gown with a cast on his left leg and foot.

This picture was taken some three weeks ago, which means shortly after the team’s final OTA, he had the work done. No word on exactly what the injury was, what he had repaired, or how long he is expected to be out.

This is not the first time Ward has had issues with his left leg/foot. He had surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot prior to his 2015 Senior season at Illinois. He didn’t miss any games.

If it is a broken bone, like perhaps a stress fracture, the expected healing time is typically 6-8 weeks, which could have him available for the start of camp on July 29. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they ease him back into things just to be cautious.

Ward is entering his second season after a disappointing rookie campaign with no sacks and 30 combined tackles (16 solo). He can’t really afford to fall behind as he looks to live up to the team’s hopes in him when they selected him at 44 overall in the 2016 draft.

Update: Specifically, the surgery Ward received was on his foot. And as suspected, he not expected to be ready for the start of camp according to sources close to Ian Rapoport.