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Raiders countdown to kickoff: 65 is Jordan Simmons, who wore it best?

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Today marks exactly three weeks until the Raiders take the field for their first camp practice. That the is the first significant step in the team’s preparation for the 2017, which is now 65 days away. With that in mind, we examine the player wearing the 65 jersey right now for the team.

OG Jordan Simmons

Over four seasons at USC, Simmons never managed to break through to become a full time starter. He started just two games in that time, so there’s not much that can be gleaned from that.

The 6-3, 339-pounder will have his chance to show he is worthy of sticking around as a reserve lineman and perhaps earn a spot on the practice squad. That’s probably the most he can hope for at this point with somewhat established utility reserves like Jon Feliciano, Vadal Alexander, and Denver Kirkland.

Who wore it best: OG Mickey Marvin (1977-87)

Marvin was drafted by the Raiders in the 4th round the year after they had won their first Super Bowl. He took over at right guard for George Bueler and the Raiders didn't miss a beat. Marvin was a staple at right guard for a decade, helping the Raiders to win two more Super Bowls. He spent his entire 11-year career with the Raiders.