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Watch: Eddie Vanderdoes blasts through lineman in recruiting camp drills

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There’s a short video floating around twitter showing Eddie Vanderdoes blasting through an offensive lineman. In it you can see the kind of bull rushing talent he can be.

The video was taken a few years ago. It’s of Vanderdoes at the Oregon Nike Football Training Camp where college prospects show off their skills for scouts. It’s safe to say Vanderdoes made a strong impression here.

I asked Vanderdoes about it after practice today and he said this video seems to pop up and get passed around every few months. Though this is the first time we’ve seen it since he became the Raiders selection in the third round of the draft.

The player Vanderdoes does dirty is one Scott Quessenberry. Eddie insisted I mention him just because he likes to give him crap. It didn’t hurt Quessenberry’s stock much as he too went on to attend UCLA with Vanderdoes. Quessenberry is a fifth year senior for the Bruins about to enter his second season as the fulltime starting center.