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Raiders have four players in top 20 in NFL second quarter merchandise sales

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As the saying goes — the market speaks. In the case of the Raiders, it speaks loudly. They have an exciting team they will be putting on the field this season and the most exciting players’ merchandise is being scooped up like few others.

The NFLPA released their second quarter merchandise sales top 50 rankings and the Raiders have a strong presence with four players in the top 20

4 - Marshawn Lynch

11 - Derek Carr

14 - Khalil Mack

17 - Amari Cooper

There were no other Raiders in the rest of the top 50.

No other team had more players in the top 20. The only other team to match it was the Cowboys who had four teams in the top ten — Ezekiel Elliott (2), Dak Prescott (3), Dez Bryant (6), and Jason Witten (10).

The top seller in merchandise was Tom Brady with Russell Wilson rounding out the top five.