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Raiders top pick Gareon Conley disputes Reggie McKenzie: ‘I do not have shin splints’

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Raiders top pick rookie cornerback Gareon Conley has been out all of training camp. Though Jack Del Rio doesn’t talk about injuries, Reggie McKenzie said last week Monday that Conley was suffering from shin splints.

“He’s got the shin splints, so it could be a few days, I don’t know in particular, but once he starts running and not feel pain... It shouldn’t take that long. We’re just gonna give him some time to heal up and we’ll get him out there.”

Naturally we all took that as the word on why Conley has been on the PUP list all of camp. But today Conley took to twitter where he said he does NOT have shin splints.

He even went as far as to retweet someone who said this was all a media creation aka the infamous misused ‘fake news’.

I guess we’ll have to take Conley’s word that it isn’t shin splints that have kept him out all camp. Now to find out what it really is.

Not exactly smart of Conley to come out and make this statement right now.