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Which Cardinals will offer the best test for the Raiders Saturday

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I spoke to Seth Cox from SB Nation Cardinals blog, Revenge of the Birds to get the scoop on what the Raiders are facing in their preseason opener.

If you ever find yourself wondering if the preseason means anything, just ask the players on the roster who are fighting for their NFL dream or those fighting to move up the depth chart. They’ll tell you these games mean a whole lot.

In order to get a bead on what the Cardinals are sending out there to give these Raiders hopefuls a good battle, I spoke with someone who covers them every day and knows them best.

1. How much will we see of the first team offense and defense?

The Cardinals will play their starters only 10-15 snaps in this game, however there are questions: Carson Palmer hasn't thrown since Tuesday, he's had Wednesday and Thursday off, is that to get him those 10-15 snaps and get him out of the game? Will he play if D.J. Humphries doesn't play? Hump has been nursing a hamstring this week, he has not practiced and is questionable heading into the game. Then there is John Brown who hasn't been on the field in over a week. Palmer will likely play, but the Cardinals could be without their left tackle and wide receiver two.

2. Which second team player had the most to prove in the first half?

Robert Nkemdiche has been a wrecking ball all summer, training camp and preseason game one. Now, can he do it against perhaps (in my opinion) the best interior offensive line if he gets to. Then there is Tramon Williams and Brandon Williams, who will be the second unit cornerbacks and are fighting for the chance to start opposite Patrick Peterson.

3. Names to know for the second half?

Watch Blaine Gabbert. I... am... not... kidding. Gabbert will get the entire second half, he has the confidence of the coaches and they are trying to build his confidence and restore his belief in himself by letting him win against lesser competition. He is making this roster barring taking a massive dump on the field over the next four games.

Know Ironhead Gallon, a hard hitting safety who has been making plays in the secondary during camp and is trying to force his way onto a crowded secondary.

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