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Look: Guy Fieri at Raiders camp with Reggie McKenzie, Marshawn Lynch

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Just in time for the second to last day of camp, Food Network’s Guy Fieri — a noted Raiders fans — was in Napa grilling up some grub for the Raiders players, coaches, and staff.

This has become somewhat of an annual trip for Fieri, who is host of several shows on Food Network including Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. He also owns several restaurants and has published many books about his experiences going across the country for his TV shows complete with recipes for how to make some of the foods he tastes along the way.

While he was cooking his meal, Raiders General Manager stopped over to get a pic of Fieri before posing for the above photo.

A short time later, Marshawn Lynch walked over and spoke with Fieri for a few minutes, all while several whole marinated chickens were turning on the mobile rotisserie.

No Donkey sauce for the media, though.