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Watch: Obi Melifonwu progressing, does most extensive work since return from injury

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Raiders rookie safety Obi Melifonwu has suited up for the Raiders in training camp for the past week. But it didn’t mean much considering he was basically just standing there watching, like he simply traded his bucket hat for a helmet.

Wednesday the second round pick went through drills for the first time with his fellow defensive backs. He still wasn’t nearly full go, though, working at probably half speed, if that. But it was a good sign.

Thursday in the final camp practice, he still wasn’t going all out, and still didn’t take the field for team sessions, but I would put his participation in drills at around 75%. The actual percentage of effort is debatable, I’m sure. Ill let you judge for yourself:

It’s a lower body injury for Melifonwu, though the exact injury was never disclosed and it probably won’t be unless he were to still have lingering effects of it come the regular season when an actual injury report is due. There are still over three weeks until the start of the season, so there’s plenty of time.

The question now becomes if he will be able to see action in one of the preseason games. He certainly seems a lot more likely to see the field than the defensive back the Raiders selected in the round ahead of him in the draft.

The Raiders made the secondary a priority in the draft for good reason. Their defense finished 26th in the league last season. They could really benefit from Melifonwu being 100% as soon as possible.