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Sean Smith arrest ends Raiders league-best 3-year long streak without arrest

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It was a good run.

Last April Silver & Black Pride originally reported that the Raiders were the only team in the NFL to go three years without an arrest. That streak has now ended.

It remained intact for just over four months until Wednesday when Sean Smith had assault charges brought against him for an incident which occurred on July 4 of this offseason.

The charges allege that Smith “beat and stomped the victim’s head” in Old Town Pasadena that night. Some are saying Smith’s reasoning was that the man had put hands on his sister.

While, if true, the response would be somewhat understandable, it may not matter much from the law’s point of view.

Smith’s lawyer Daniel Rosenburg maintains Smith’s innocence and said he will be entering a plea of Not Guilty.

Smith had been arrested for DUI in 2014 while a member of the Chiefs so it went on their tally. He pled guilty and served two years probation.