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LOOK: Check out these gorgeous Oakland cleats hand painted by Raiders equipment manager

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Please tell me someone is wearing these Saturday.

I don’t know who is set to wear these cleats, if anyone, but they are going to look gooood. Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio shared this picture on Twitter Thursday, noting that the artwork was done by none other than Raiders longtime equipment manager, Bob Romanski.

As you can see, the outside of the right cleat says OAKLAND with the Oakland skyline inside the letters. The inside of the left cleat overlooks the bay with the ever visible shipping cranes. The outside of the left cleat isn’t shown, but one would assume it says RAIDERS on it.

Romanski has been with the Raiders for going on two decades. This may be a surprising talent for an equipment manager, and it is, but Romanski is pretty well known for his masterful cleat illustrations.

Last season, for the Raiders’ ‘My Cause, My Cleats’ game in early December, Romanski hand painted all of the Raiders’ players cleats — six pair to be exact.

The Raiders players took the field for their week 13 home match-up against the Bills sporting some sleek footwear.

Someone -- Marshawn Lynch, perhaps? Derek Carr? — could be sporting these bad boys on Saturday.