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Raiders countdown to kickoff: 23 is Dexter McDonald, who wore it best?

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It’s the eve of the second preseason game for the Raiders and the regular season keeps creeping closer. We hit 23 days today, so let’s look at who’s wearing number 23 right now for the Raiders.

CB Dexter McDonald

A 7th round pick out of Kansas in 2015, McDonald has managed to hang around as a fringe player for the Raiders the past couple seasons. He has appeared in a total of 12 games over two seasons with no starts. His career stats consist of 4 combined tackles, all of which came in two games late in his rookie season.

McDonald is embroiled in a competition with several other players looking to break onto the roster this year. There are are a couple spots currently up for grabs and he appears to have about a 50/50 shot of being one of those chosen. He had a solid training camp, so how he performs in the preseason could be a big factor.

Who wore it best: RB Charlie Smith (1968-74)

Smith had a pretty good run with the Raiders, starting 65 games over seven seasons in Oakland. He was also rather unlucky in that the Raiders drafted him in the fourth round the year after they went to their first Super Bowl. And his time in Oakland ended two seasons before they went back to the Super Bowl and won it. That tends to make him somewhat of a forgotten figure in Raiders lore.

Smith led the team in rushing in his second season. He had three other seasons over 680 rushing yards while sharing carries with Hewritt Dixon and later Marv Hubbard. In 1972 both he and Hubbard had over 1000 yards from scrimmage.