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Raiders first team will play in Saturday’s preseason home opener, but how much?

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Del Rio confirms starters how much he will play the Raiders first team.

One of the biggest questions on most fans minds regarding the preseason games is who will play and for how long. Most of the Raiders’ first team didn’t play in the preseason opener in Arizona, but that will change in the second preseason match-up Saturday against the visiting LA Rams.

“Typically, you go into the second quarter, maybe even deep into the second quarter.” Said head coach Jack Del Rio after the final camp practice Thursday. “We’ll see how it’s all going.”

Teams will usually only game plan during the third preseason game but the playing time is still valuable in terms of familiarity and execution of the playbook. It has been nearly 8 months since many of the starters have had live game reps and they could use the work. The other more often overlooked benefit can be simply getting in football shape.

“How much? Not really set on that yet.” Del Rio continued. “We’ll see how it’s all going. Kind of a play total in mind in terms of conditioning that I think we need to get. We’ll adjust as we need to, but that’s the plan.”

As much as coaches will talk about how they want to win ‘any time they keep score’ the truth is it is all about performance evaluation. These next two games the coaching staff will be focused on getting the starters some work so they are ready for the season.

The season starters will play the bulk of the first half and after that it will be about the depth players looking to fill out the last 20 or so roster spots.