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Watch: Khalil Mack breaks Rams double team to obliterate Jared Goff on sack

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There is no preseason for Khalil Mack. He is hunting on every play regardless. And after just missing a sack on the Rams first drive, he was out for blood on the second drive.

He got his sack. Oh, did he ever get his sack. The Rams sent two blockers at him and he said ‘GET OFF ME!’, pushing both off of him and destroying Jared Goff on the rush.

There hasn’t been much defense in this game. The sack helped stop the Rams on that drive, but a Derek Carr interception would give them the ball back and scored again to take a 14-7 lead. Then the Raiders went down the field to tie it at 14-14.

This is, after all, the preseason, so it’s all about moments like this that give us all a taste of the regular season. Though most Raiders fans are hoping to get the bad taste of how the defense has looked through two preseason games. The Rams aren’t exactly a juggernaut offense.