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Raiders vs. Rams second half open thread

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With the first half in the books, let’s see the scrubs and roster casualties compete for a job somewhere else.

Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Well, that was fun! If you like hard-nosed defensive battles, this game is not for you. The Rams have marched up and down the field behind the brilliance of former first overall pick Jared Goff, who apparently is no longer terrible. His favorite target is the new Savior of Football, Cooper Kupp, who is a personal white whale of mine.

Oakland’s defense still looks terrible and I feel it’s only a matter of time until Ken Norton Jr. is flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog crap out of Hong Kong. Luckily, the first-string Raiders offense looks like the best in the league. Marshawn Lynch got a little bit of work and gave every indication that he hasn’t lost a step at all. The Raiders will be in a ton of shootouts this season but will be well-equipped to win them against offenses which can’t keep up. The Rams will actually be better than people think now that Jeff “7-9” Fisher has been launched into the sun.

Enjoy the second half. Raiders get the ball to start the half.