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Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio addresses Sean Smith arrest for assault

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Once again, Jack Del Rio took the podium following a Raiders game and had to address something that had nothing to do with the what happened in the stadium that day. Last week it was the Gareon Conley injury. This week it was Sean Smith’s recent arrest on assault charges.

“I think we’ll let him battle legally what issues he has,” said Del Rio. “I don’t have anything to add to it. I think you heard his story, he was defending his sister. Obviously things occurred that were taken issue with and so he’s having to defend himself right now.”

The assault charges on Smith stem from an incident which occurred on July 4th which put his sister’s boyfriend in the hospital. Witnesses are said to have identified Smith as have beaten the man and stomping on his head, putting him in the hospital.

The ‘things occurred’ that Del Rio is speaking of which Smith’s team has stated prompted his violent response was his sister’s boyfriend assaulting her. That is Smith’s side of this.

Smith’s lawyer maintains his client’s innocence and has entered a plea of not guilty.

As we know, the NFL has never needed a case to reach a guilty verdict before Roger Goodell hands down a punishment, often in the form of a suspension. Smith has been suspended before, in 2015 for a DUI arrest of which he pled guilty. This isn’t a repeat offense situation, but could still yield a harsh punishment much like the 6-game suspension Ezekiel Elliott received recently for assaulting his girlfriend.

Hopefully Goodell lets the justice system play out before handing down his punishment. A case like this deserves all the facts to come out before anyone passes judgment.