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Oakland Raiders should give this former All Pro a call

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It didn’t look like anyone outside of David Amerson could cover anyone at cornerback Saturday so the Raiders should see what Darrelle Revis has left in the tank.

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders once again find themselves in desperate need of a cornerback. Most notably, they’re not getting much back for all the money they’re giving Sean Smith. But the issues go beyond him.

From here on, we’ll hear more about is Smith’s assault case and possible suspension than him making plays. And not just because he isn’t making many plays.

The Raiders have been trying him places, including lining him up as a dime linebacker but that isn’t working. When running backs catch the ball in his area, he can’t even make the tackle.

You have to wonder if Smith is worth having on the team at this point. Cutting him leaves $9.25 million in dead money but he’s not doing anything while playing.

Taking Smith’s place with the first team lately has been fourth year former 7th round pick, TJ Carrie. He has not been the answer either, including a major mistake that led to a touchdown in Saturday’s preseason loss to the Rams. He and Smith took turns getting picked on by Rams quarterback Jared Goff.

David Amerson was pretty good against the Rams Saturday after giving up a TD in the first preseason game in Arizona. The Raiders are hoping he returns to his 2015 form but even if he does, it won’t be enough.

First-round pick Gareon Conley was supposed help out at CB but he’s missed all of camp with a shin injury.

Obviously, there are no top CB’s the Raiders can bring in off the streets at this point. But taking a chance on 32-year-old former superstar Darrelle Revis could prove worthwhile. Coming off wrist surgery, he wasn’t very good to start the season, but his play picked up as the season went on.

The 4-time All Pro gave up a catch rate of 77.8 percent over Games 1-6 according to Pro Football Focus. He then improved to 58.7 percent over the last 10 games as he got stronger.

Even unemployed, his contract with the Jets nets him $6 million in 2017, so the Raiders could get him on the cheap. He’s obviously not the same guy he was a few years ago but he can still be a solid CB and help the Raiders.

I’ll bet anyone $10 to a glazed donut Revis is still better than any of the CB’s on the Raiders roster outside of maybe Amerson. And the jury is still out on Conley because he is injured and hasn’t been seen doing anything in the NFL.

The Raiders have to throw something at the problem because it could prevent their universally presumed date with the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Revis is currently training in South Florida so he’s healthy, in shape, and ready to go now. Plus he would be a great mentor for Conley, whenever he’s able to play.

No matter how you look at it, the Raiders have to do something about the CB position so they might as well take a crack at it with Revis.

Editor’s note: Levi Damien contributed to this piece.