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Ranking the AFC West: Punters

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With the rigors of training camp, it’s been a while since the last installment of Ranking the AFC West. You may have thought we had chose to punt on the series. But no. It continues with the punters.

1. Raiders — Marquette King

King led the division last season in punt average (48.6) and was third in the league. His 41.4 net average also led the division and was 7th in the league. King also tied for the fifth longest punt in the league last season (72). He was second in the division with 34 punts inside the 20-yard-line. King’s career average of 46.7 is also best in the division.

2. Chiefs — Dustin Colquitt

Led the division with 38 punts inside the 20-yard-line, and 27 fair catches. His yards per punt average of 45.1 was last in the division -- a full 3.5 yards fewer than King – and his net yard average of 40.7 was third. Colquitt has never once in his career averaged as much as King did last season and only once even came within 2 yards of King’s average (46.8 ypp in 2012).

3. Broncos -- Riley Dixon

A 7th round rookie in 2016, Dixon didn’t lead the division in any major category despite punting in the thin air in Denver for half of his games and having punted the ball more than the other division punters. He was, however, just behind Marquette King with a 41.3 net punting average.

4. Chargers — Drew Kaser

Also a rookie last season, chosen a round ahead of Dixon, Kaser had far fewer punts (59) than anyone else in the division, including 30 fewer than Dixon. His average yards per punt were second behind King, but his net was dead last at 39.8.

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