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Report: Donald Penn expected to end holdout, return to Raiders this week

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With 20 days and two preseason games remaining until the start of the Raiders 2017 season, Donald Penn is expected to return to the team this week, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Penn had held out the entirety of training camp in a contract dispute. According to the report, and judging by Reggie McKenzie’s words during camp, Penn’s return isn’t due to him receiving a raise from his $5.9 million base salary this season — the 19th highest paid left tackle in the NFL.

“I want him in camp,” McKenzie said on July 31. “He has a deal, so I want him in camp.”

McKenzie has suggested that negotiations can start when Penn returns and hopefully that will happen. Penn deserves at very least to receive a new, incentive laden deal that would allow him to earn top ten left tackle money should he perform at a Pro Bowl level again this season as he did in 2016.

Practice resumes on Tuesday as the team prepares to head to Dallas for their third preseason game.