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Raiders countdown to kickoff: 19 is Jaydon Mickens, who wore it best?

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We’re into the teens. Which means we’re going to start to get really rebellious and moody, tell you we hate you, you’re not our real parents, and wish we were never born (slams bedroom door). So, yeah, pretty much the all conditions normal around here.

It also means we will get into some wide receivers, and perhaps a quarterback and a special teamer too. Wide receiver is where we begin at number 19.

WR Jaydon Mickens

The speedy receiver is in the midst of his second attempt to crack the Raiders’ regular season roster. An impressive camp last year earned Mickens a spot on the team’s practice squad.

The 5-10, 175-pounder is seen as a slot receiver and punt returner. He is talented, but without the size and special teams coverage abilities of a Johnny Holton, Mickens will once again have a tough time breaking onto the roster. But keeping him around on the practice squad again would be beneficial should he be needed as an injury replacement.

Who wore it best: QB Cotton Davidson (1962-68)

After two seasons with the Baltimore Colts and two seasons with the Dallas Texans, Davidson joined the Raiders in 1962, sharing quarterback duties with Tom Flores. For two of Davidson's first three years with the team, he was their leading passer and was named an AFL All Star in his second season in Oakland in 1963 which was Al Davis' first year as head coach. All told, Davidson threw for 6532 yards in 28 starts in a little over five seasons with the Raiders.