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Broncos have another first round QB not starting in his second season

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This week the Broncos named Trevor Siemian their starting QB for the second straight season. Which means for the second straight season, first round QB Paxton Lynch will not.

In today’s NFL, it’s unusual for a first round pick to not be named the starter by his second season. In the past decade there have been only a handful of quarterbacks drafted in the first round to not be a full time starter either as a rookie or heading into their second season.

The list is not a pretty one and includes another former Bronco — Tim Tebow.

The others are former Browns top picks Johnny Manziel and Brady Quinn.

For those of you ready to type Aaron Rodgers’s name, he was drafted in 2005. Plus there’s a big difference between sitting behind a Hall of Fame quarterback — as Rodgers did with Brett Favre — and sitting behind a former 7th round pick who is a barely passable NFL starter entering his third season.

Siemian completed under 60% of his passes last season with 18 touchdowns and 10 interception with a passer rating of 84.6.

Even with one of the NFL’s top defenses that had just the season before led the team to a Super Bowl win — with Brock Osweiler (!) starting five games during the season — the Broncos went 8-6 with Siemian at QB and missed the playoffs.

It’s a pretty damning indictment for Paxton Lynch, and for the Broncos as well, that they think Siemian is still their best option.