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Raiders vs. Cowboys second half game thread

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Oakland Raiders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Well, that went much better than the last few weeks. Marshawn Lynch again didn’t get much playing time, but showed that he’s in good form with two carries for six yards and a seven-yard reception. Derek Carr went 13/17 for 144 yards and two touchdowns. That’s 8.5 yards per attempt, so eat our collective shorts, stat nerds.

One of those touchdown passes went to new weapon Cordarrelle Patterson, who has looked reliable and explosive in his first preseason with the Silver and Black. The other was a 48-yard dart to favorite target Amari Cooper which exposed the Cowboys’ defense and the cameraman for the low-budget hacks they are.

Carr’s day is done, and EJ Manuel takes over at quarterback in the second half. The Raiders’ defense, which bent but didn’t break too much in the first half, will look to get more pressure on whatever ex-Big 12 quarterback with two first names the Cowboys throw out there in the third quarter.

Enjoy the rest of the game!