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Raiders vs. Seahawks Second Half Open Thread

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Can the Raiders make it a win in the second half?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A painful first two possessions gave way to a satisfying second quarter as the Raiders trail the Seahawks, 10-7 at the half of the fourth preseason game.

The Raiders’ offense bogged down at the beginning of the game, with John Crockett fumbling just a few plays into Oakland’s first drive. George Atkinson appeared to fumble on the Raiders’ second drive, but the call went Oakland’s way.

Seattle was able to capitalize on Oakland’s inability to move the football with a field goal and later a touchdown from Trevone Boykin to Rodney Smith when the Raiders defender fell down. EJ Manuel led the Raiders down the field near the end of the first half with a touchdown pass to Keon Hatcher, and the Raiders’ defense came up big as Seattle couldn’t get points before the end of the second quarter.

Enjoy the second half, and go Raiders!