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Future Hall of Fame LT Joe Thomas mentions Khalil Mack on short list of Hall of Fame bound pass rushers

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When a Hall of Fame pass protector unprompted puts you on this list, that is high praise indeed.

This Saturday the latest class of Hall of Famers will be inducted. This week a current player who will someday be among them put Khalil Mack among another group of future Hall of Famers. Browns left tackle Joe Thomas put Raiders Khalil Mack on a very short list among other future Hall of Famers.

Thomas was asked who the best pass rushers he’s faced in his career and he puts Mack in the same breath as likely future Hall of Famers Dwight Freeney (122.5 sacks), DeMarcus Ware (138.5 sacks), and Terrell Suggs (114.5 sacks).

Of those pass rushers, only Suggs is still on an NFL roster. But all are either at or near the end of elite, Hall of Fame NFL careers. Mack is just at the beginning of his with two seasons left on his rookie deal, fresh off being named Defensive Player of the Year.

Thomas himself is on what must be an extremely short list. In ten NFL seasons, he has never missed a game and has been to the Pro Bowl every single season. Ten years, ten Pro Bowls. He’s also been named All Pro six times. He could retire today and have a bust in Canton in five years alongside a couple of the pass rushers he mentioned.