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Amari Cooper sidelined for second time in three Raiders practices

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The return to practice was short lived for Amari Cooper. He is once again a spectator at Raiders’ practice. Coop had gotten banged up in Monday’s practice which had him sidelined for Tuesday’s practice. After the day off on Wednesday, Coop took the field with his teammates on Thursday appearing to be fine. Apparently not.

Coop has a wrap on his left leg standing on the sideline.

This means one of a few possible things; he either discovered he wasn’t quite right and the team is being cautious. That’s usually the reason and the most optimistic. Other, possibilities are tweaking the same injury or a new injury altogether.

All we can do is wait and see if he is back on the field each day. Luckily it’s early in camp, so the team has plenty of time to be overly cautious and not rush him back.

Also still sidelined and watching practice is rookie top pick cornerback Gareon Conley.