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Ranking the AFC West: Kickers

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Yes, we even rank kickers.

There isn’t a lot of separation between the top three kickers in the AFC West. It was splitting hairs trying to rank them. But I have never been one to take the easy way out. If the difference isn’t obvious, dig deeper. So, here it is.

1. ChiefsCairo Santos

In his third NFL season, Santos missed just four field goals on 35 attempts. Three of those were inside of 40 yards, but he made both of his attempts from outside 50 yards and finished with the best field goal percentage in the division (89%). His career 84.3% field goal percentage is also best in the division.

2. BroncosBrandon McManus

He has the Mile High air working in his favor, but we can’t really count it against him. He missed 5 field goals last season in 34 attempts, three of which came from outside 50 yards. His 85% on field goals last season and 82.9% for his career are also both second in the division behind Santos.

3. RaidersSebastian Janikowski

I’m sure there will be some who think it’s blasphemous to put a kicker with the career Seabass has had third in the division. And if this were about full careers you’d be right. But it isn’t. It’s about what have you done for me lately. Janikowski missed six field goals last season. Janikowski doesn’t have the Polish Cannon leg he used to. He was just 3 for 8 from outside 50 yards last season. He’s 50 for 61 over the past two seasons (82%). Only the gentleman below was worse.

4. ChargersJosh Lambo

While the above three guys are within a hair of each other, Lambo is firmly at the bottom. He had the lowest field goal percentage (81%) in the division last season, lowest for his career (81.3%) and didn’t make a single field goal outside 50 yards last season.

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