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Look: Lee Smith in the Bahamas with Shaq during this offseason

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Tight ends are large men. Lee Smith is a large man among large men. When he stands with the other large tight ends, he makes them look small. That’s what former NBA center Shaquille O’Neil usually does to those around him. But when he stands next to Lee Smith, they don’t look all that different a size.

Smith spent some time in the Bahamas this offseason where he met Shaq. He tweeted out a pic of the two chillin’ in the water.

Real recognize real.

Smith is the Raiders’ bully at the tight end position. They missed him last season, lost to a broken leg. They had to replace his blocking services with an offensive lineman in a jumbo package.

The offseason ended a couple weeks ago. Smith has been spending his time since then in Raiders training camp in Napa. He even recently restructured his contract to a 1-year incentive laden deal.