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Seth Roberts played through double hernia all last season for Raiders ‘just the nature of our game’

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The way Seth Roberts talks about playing through tearing a core muscle all season, it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But it is.

Seth Roberts catches a lot of hell for not catching the ball as often as he should. And after a down year in 2016, there were many who were calling for him to be replaced. Yet Derek Carr and the Raiders have not wavered in their belief in him. There is a good reason for that.

The third year receiver played through a double hernia. Not just a few games or most of the season, but the ENTIRE season AND the preseason. As he noted, it happened around this time in camp last year.

“Yeah, I played through the season with an injury but something you got to do that,” Roberts said casually, noting “...that’s what we go through. That’s the nature of our game, you gotta just go with it.”

We’re not talking about just some minor discomfort either; Roberts tore a core muscle. I really can’t imagine catching any passes for any yards and any touchdowns in such a condition, let alone 38 passes for 397 yards and 5 touchdowns.

“Shit man, it was tough,” he continued. “Mentally. I just had to stay in it man. It was a real struggle but, you know, I made it happen. I got through the season. It wasn’t my best and I didn’t feel my best, but I made it happen I had to do it.”

Armed with that knowledge, it may just have you viewing his performance last season a little differently. Especially this game winner in OT in Tampa last season.

It meant a great deal to Roberts that his coaches and quarterback stuck with him through last season.

Roberts said he is healthy now. He had surgery in late January and completed his rehab prior to the start of OTA’s so he didn’t miss any practice time. Last season, he averaged just 10.4 yards per catch, after having averaged 15 yards per catch in 2015. With him healthy again, you can figure he will be able to get his yards per catch average back up.