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Raiders reportedly close to 2-year extension with Donald Penn

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The deal Donald Penn was looking for didn’t come while he was holding out of training camp. It didn’t come in the two weeks prior to the season after he reported. But it is coming soon. And it’s more than just a reworked deal, according to Ian Rapoport. It’s a 2-year extension.

A two-year extension would suggest two years on top of this year in which he is already under contract. That’s considerable for the 34-year-old veteran left tackle. Especially considering just an offseason ago, he was not in high demand, re-signing with the Raiders to a meager 2-year deal for a left tackle of his caliber.

It was after outplaying that contract and being named to the Pro Bowl that he held out for what was reported to be top ten left tackle money. With a $5.9 million base salary, it would mean nearly doubling his pay to do it. We’ll see what the numbers bear out once the deal is done.