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Raiders Marshawn Lynch fined for giving Titans defense double one-finger salutes

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During last week’s game, Marshawn Lynch was caught on camera sending a message to the Titans’ defense. In response the NFL has responded with a message of their own by fining hims $12,000, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

That’s $6K per hand. That’s an expensive way for Beast Mode to tell the Titans defense they’re number one in his book.

As you can see, he made the gesture with the Raiders up 23-13 with just over 8 minutes remaining in the Raiders’ 26-16 victory in Tennessee.

Lynch had just run for one yard on the previous play and was about to get the ball again on 2nd and nine, running for three yards. That gesture was very quick and may have gone completely unnoticed had the cameras not been trained on him the moment he did it.

For his response to the league for the fines, see below.

*This video is in slow motion. The actual gesture was an instant.