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Watch: Marshawn Lynch closes out first half with first touchdown in Raiders uniform

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NFL: New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

With 2:00 minutes remaining in the first half against the Jets Sunday, the Raiders held a slim lead at 14-10. Then it got real interesting.

Marquette King punted the ball 65 yards where Jets return man Khalif Raymond muffed the catch and Raiders’ Johnny Holton recovered it to give the Raiders the ball in first and goal at the 4-yard-line.

Then the Raiders did the opposite of what they did last week in this position. Instead of passing it three straight times, they handed it off to Marshawn Lynch three straight plays.

The first run went out right for no gain. The second looked to be stopped in the backfield several times, but Marshawn Lynch broke three tackles to pick up 2 yards. Then he got the ball again and burst up the gut for the 2-yard touchdown, his first touchdown in a Raiders uniform.

Here it is:

The score gave the Raiders a 21-10 lead heading into the half. They had at one time led by 14-0 on two Michael Crabtree TD receptions, but due to a series of questionable penalties, the Jets were able to get back into it with two scores.

Lynch kept the ball.